About Us

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“Sky above, sand below, ocean ahead, peace within”

Beautiful, yet fragile, it is of our utmost responsibility to rescue our coasts by keeping beaches clean and pollutants-free at all times.

Contaminants harm the animals that live or pass by the beaches causing severe or deadly injuries to them. Moreover, pollutants degrade the habitat of millions of marine creatures leading to the destruction of their natural homes. In some cases, such events become irreversible and cause rare animals to extinct. Millions of plastic micro-particles and other forms of toxic wastes are ingested by fish and other animals ending up in our plates. Plastic is already present in all levels of the food chain. On top of that, polluted beaches have a great and direct negative impact on the economy, as it harms tourism and increases the financial burden on the country resulting from the treatment of pollution and its consequences.

Care for the ecosystem, so it cares for you.

As a subsidiary of Arabian Construction Engineering Company (ACEC), Qatar Beach Treatment & Development Company was established in line with the corporate vision of the group and its endeavour to provide integrated services in various industries while serving the comprehensive vision of the State of Qatar towards further development and prosperity.


Our company’s foundation is built on our values which distinguish us and guide our actions. We are committed to continually communicate with the public and spread environmental awareness. Our passion for maintaining clean and safe coasts in the State of Qatar is our driving force, utilizing innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies.

Over the past decades, our group has continually gained tremendous credibility, trust and reputation, that is proven by positive metrics and growth. Backboned with our consistency, ethical foundations, expertise and financial capabilities, we are committed to constantly deliver the best products and services to our clients.


Develop coasts in Qatar for healthier enjoyment.

Our Core Values



Embrace safety rules to create a safe working environment to our employees, customers and communities we serve.



Take the initiative and be accountable for your commitments to deliver results beyond expectations.

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Create a collaborative culture by respect, motivation and development.



Leverage our knowledge and keep our mindset open to new technologies to provide integrated services to the market.



Do the right thing in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Our ethical and transparent acts towards our associates, customers and shareholders what sets us up from our competitors