We offer professional and environmentally sound beach cleaning services and beach-scaping to enhance the beauty of front coasts and to bring about a safer and healthier enjoyment. Our different specialized sifting equipment can handle sand cleaning jobs varying from small private sand areas to municipal beaches and reserves.

Several types of solid contaminants can be easily removed from the sand with our sand sifting beach cleaners such as:

broken glass • cigarette filters • cans & bottles • stones • wood • weeds • hardened tarballs • animal droppings.

Our equipment has low pressure on the sand, leaving minimal tire tracks if any. This is due to the low compaction forces caused by the wide equipment tires. Besides, the intensive sifting and screening action of our beach cleaners, prepare the sand for aeration allowing Oxygen to pass through and let the ultraviolet rays of the sun to dry and sanitize the sand. This process helps eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria leading to healthier environmental conditions for beachgoers.

Areas We Serve:

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Public Beaches



Private Beachfront.jpg

Private Beachfront

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Beach Clubs & Resorts






Natural Reserves

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Volleyball Courts


Sand Playgrounds


Area to be treated and its condition determines the equipment to be used, hence, the cleaning process. We have four different types of machinery ready to operate. A site survey is mandatory before equipment mobilization to decide on equipment mix and quantity:

LOVOL / FOTON Tractors

Different sizes available equipped with pitchforks for better sand penetration.


Unicorn Resort KL1.2

Medium beach cleaners for resorts and smaller beaches with a maximum cleaning capacity of 10,000 m²/h.


BeachTech 2800

Large beach cleaners with a maximum cleaning capacity of 30,000 m²/h.


BeachTech Sweepy Hydro

Small beach cleaners for private beaches and small sand areas

BT Sweepy Hydro (2).JPG